Marjorie Canjura, Director Belco El Salvador

Mexico is one of our most special origins.


In this edition of Les Primeurs, we presented Finca Biodinámica Irlanda from Chiapas and La Laja from Veracruz, two very different regions and yet the most productive of this beautiful country. Both are well-established and economically sustainable companies with a long history and experience in coffee growing. From both perspectives, they share the desire to grow and be a quality reference at a global level. Both generate jobs, promoting coffee production, a source of income for their communities. One the one hand, Finca Irlanda offers clean, well-balanced and selected organic and biodynamic coffees, whose value is the satisfaction of respecting the environment and being part of it without generating any negative impact.

→ On the other hand, La Laja brings us a very complex Honey coffee from Finca La Puebla, carefully processed and dried in order to highlight the fruity and caramel notes typical of the region.

Good Tasting!