Gabriela Flores, Quality Manager Central America,

Is it the climate? The altitude? The type of soil? The volcanoes? The lakes? What is it that makes Guatemalan coffees so dense in beans and flavor? Undoubtedly a great component of the quality is the people! The daily work, day after day, and without a doubt the experience, in many cases, of generations of our producer friends.


Guatemala is rich in natural resources, and has a beautiful and diverse natural environment, which we invite you to discover in this tour. We started in Amatitlán, on the outskirts of the city, where we found a piece of land covered with luxurious vegetation: Finca El Xalum. We all know Christian Starry, who delighted us once again with his Honeys and Naturals.


Then we moved on to the Acatenango volcano: this year again, we had a complexity of flavors generated by favorable weather conditions at Monte de Oro:


→ the coveted Natural Geisha

→ the Honeys

→ the Washed coffees of Mario Alarcon and the Washed coffees of Mario Alarcon.


Another microregion we visited and included in this edition is Atitlán, on the lake banks, with Alex Herrera’s coffees. From there we went to Huehuetenango, a land blessed with quality, which is reflected in the microlots of Jacqueline's gotta spoon, and in the coffees of La Bolsa, which delivers constant quality year after year.

 There is no doubt that Guatemala has a lot to offer in terms of volume and quality this year


Olga & Maria Martin sisters are processing their own coffee on the patio of their house