Gabriela Flores, Quality Manager Central America

It has been a little over a year since our agency in El Salvador started operations. During this year, we have had the opportunity to work more closely with the producers we selected - long-term friends who share with us their microlots whose quality is stable year after year, such as:


→ Emilio Lopez

→ Mauricio Salaverria 

→ Antonio Ticas

→ Fernando Lima

→ Diego Baraona


We have also had the honor of meeting new producers who share our values and philosophy, and who we are very proud to present in this edition of Les Primeurs: Maria Pacas and Fernando Escobar.


The agency on the site of origin aims at accompanying and supporting the producers and seeks to create an impact. Part of this impact is the TOROGOZ project – the name of the national bird of El Salvador - which is a project that began to develop last year with more than 20 small producers. We are happy to present their first harvest.

→ We are at the origin,where things happen, to source the best coffees, not only based on their quality (which they do have) but also on their sustainable production and on the impact they have on the environment and on the lives of all the people who participate, directly or indirectly.

Bonne dégustation !