Marjorie Canjura, Director Belco El Salvador

No doubt you will enjoy this mouthful of flavours as much as we did.

The quality level of Costa Rican coffees is simply undeniable, as is the conviction of the producers of such gems!

This year, we were delighted to select the best micro-lots from San José and Alajuela. In addition to producing highly biodiverse coffee, they promote the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment. Experiencing small and medium-scale individual processing renders coffee farming efficient, economically and socially sustainable, and makes these coffees very competitive and differentiated. The 2021/2022 harvest offers us complex and very structured profiles; tasting them makes us witnesses of the long path and professionalism of these coffee growers: Alejo Castro's coffees of Volcán Azúl express a complexity of flavours in which

fruity and floral notes are outstanding, while maintaining clean and very delicate coffees. In addition to guaranteeing the traceability of our micro-lots bring crucial support to the producers, COOPETARRAZÚ offers us a wide variety of flavours: from the floral and very tropical flavours of Cafetalera Herbazú, to the citrussy intensity of orange and grapefruit of Cordillera de Fuego, to the sweet and caramel notes of the coffees from the processes patented by Beneficio La Bandera. In addition, ASOPROAAA coffees have clean profiles with plenty of acidity and sweetness. If we had to choose one word to characterize these coffees, it would be: “Innovation”.