Sébastien Lafaye, Purchasing manager

In our industry, Brazil has always been synonymous with high volumes, excellent yields and low production costs.


Who’d have thought anything could possibly trouble this benchmark coffee, which has so far kept international prices at competitive levels. Until recently, we didn’t believe disease, weather or input prices could affect Brazil’s coffees. But 2022 changed all that.


All serenity and certitude melted away in the space of just a few weeks when prolonged episodes of drought, consecutive frosts and concerns over the fixation of flowers stirred up a hornet’s nest.


Suddenly, global supply/demand fell into deficit, internal prices soared and we entered an environment where the whole commodity complex would reach historic levels.


To cope with the rising prices and coffee shortage, we wanted to strengthen our local connections, increase our supplier portfolio, assert our sourcing concepts and seek out new Organic, Label, Terroir and Estate coffees.

Ever keen to go the extra mile in terms of traceability, we sought coffees produced at family plantations that offer this kind of added value.


And we now have two new natural Estate coffees: One from the Minas Gerais region and another from the Patrocinio Minas Gerais and another from the Patrocinio region, produced in regenerative agriculture.

Good tasting!