Marjorie Canjura, Director Belco El Salvador

Good tasting!

Our solid commercial relationship of almost three years in Bolivia has allowed us to develop and implement a successful sourcing model that we could only reach thanks to the hard work of our suppliers led by Felix Chambi Garcia, founder of Lata16 and one of the most significant and visionary pioneers of specialty coffee in this country.

Our contribution to the continuous improvement of coffee quality has lead us to establish business ties with key people like Felix, and share fundamental knowledge among our suppliers so they could become real entrepreneurs and manage their own farms. Through facts and figures, we showed them that small operational changes could make them more efficient, improve their income and lead them to be economically sustainable over time, without altering biodiversity, which is so relevant to produce high-quality fruits with unique flavours and profiles.

Bolivia's microlots are very unique for their complexity, balance and intensity of characteristics. Natural and Honey coffees have been carefully processed, dried and selected under strict parameters that bring out their complexity and cleanliness. These profiles highlight notes of red fruits, sultanas, nuts, honey and caramel. Moreover, we are pleased to present the first coffees from our Aymara Project, which seeks to demonstrate the possibility to reverse the damage caused by deforestation, bad practices, and soil erosion thanks to the implementation of ecological practices that will also have a positive influence on coffee quality. Very homogeneous and citrussy, these coffees and have been produced on 60 hectares in the Yungas region.